According to Oxford Languages, “hued” means “having a colour or colours of the specified type”. Our team is combined of various hues, representing our diversity and versatility. We want to bring those colours closer to the world and help others to find their own tones – make them “hued”.

We are a holistic company which works in broad fields of IT, marketing and research. Our competences are wide: for example, as IT developers, we offer software development, machine learning solutions, cloud computing services, security audits. From the creative side, we offer market research, company brand identity design, contend creation.

It all comes to the optimization. Our work begins with market research, offering you a chance to choose precise solutions for your brand, saving time and costs on potentially bad strategic decisions. Moreover, it allows you to localize problems which are normally unrecognizable from the client's side. Market research conducted from an outside perspective is the best way to do it.

It is a complex instruction describing how to communicate company strategy to its audience. The documentation contains elements such as brand identity (its values, philosophy), corporate identity design, audience’s description, content marketing plan. However, the exact content of the company communication strategy is always adapted to your needs.

We can create any kind of software from a scratch – and websites are not an exception. We cover the entire process of its development: from technical side to UX and UI website design plan. What’s more, we can also provide you with website copywriting services and create regular content for your page – everything according to the rules of SEO, content marketing strategy and your brand identity.

We prefer not to – because we value our customers and security of their data. Open-source CMS such as WordPress are vulnerable to security breaches and hackers’ attacks. They are also much less flexible when it comes to website design. We recommend custom software, which gives us and our clients a full control over the website. However, we understand that in some specific cases technologies such as WordPress are preferable by our clients – and in such situations we are ready to do so.

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We enjoy every form of conversation – but nothing compares to meeting in person in our office.